Minelab X-Terra 505 Starter Bundle

Manufacturer: MINELAB

Minelab X-Terra 505 Metal Detector Starter Bundle
Powered with NEW VFLEX Technology, exclusively from Minelab.
Creating a New Platform of Single Frequency (VFLEX) detectors.

It is time to pick a Minelab package. All bundles are a little different this is a starter.

X-terra Comparison 

And did I mention the light weight, A mere 2.9 lbs. This simply has to be a detector added to any coin hunters stable. Precision pinpointing, with the accuratecy that is needed for those manicured lawns.

 Minelab X-terra 505 FEATURES
Length Maximum 56in (1420mm)
Minimum  48in (1220mm)
Configuration  Shaft mounted
Technology  VFLEX
Transmit Frequency  Single  Frequency (7.5 kHz)
Ground Rejection  Ground Balance, Manual or Fixed
Batteries 4 x AA Alkaline or NiHM/Nicad
Coil Frequency Options 2 (standard 7.5kHz,)
Weight (including batteries) 2.9lbs. (1.3kg)
Arm Rest  
Detector Stand  
User Functions  
Custom Selection Discrimination  YES   Steps of 3 (-9 to 45)
Saved Discrimination Patterns 6
Learn Function (Accept/Reject) YES
Edit Function Targets YES
Noise Cancel YES   3  (-1,0,+1)
Manual Noise Control YES
Target ID Audio, Tones, Visual
Response Target ID, Tone (4)
Recovery No Motion Pinpoint (audio & visual)
Optional Accessories  
Coils Optional High 18.75 in 2006
Carry Bags, Rain Covers Durable cordura with window
Control Box  3 years
Coil 3 years